Jarvis AI Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Jarvis AI review, I’ll cover what I like about the software, where it can improve, and if it’s worth your time and money.

Over the last few months, I've been experimenting with several AI copywriting tools. Some were good, but others were a waste of time and money.

Most of these tools aren't accurate, and the copy they produce sounds robotic. However, I recently bought and tested Jarvis. After using it for email subject lines, product descriptions, and blog introductions, I can safely say it's the most accurate AI copywriting tool I have tested.

This new technology does a fantastic job creating short-form content like blog post introductions, social media posts, and video titles. It’s also effective at defeating writer’s block; however, it isn’t a replacement for a writer. 

In this post, I'll cover everything you need to know about Jarvis.ai. This includes benefits, unique features, drawbacks, and if it's worth using to write.

Product NameAvailabilityPricingUse For Features
JarvisThe web app is available on any device.Starter Plan costs $29 per month, Pro Plan costs $109 per month, and Boss Mode costs $119 per month.Writers, marketers, and entrepreneurs looking to defeat writer’s block and create content quickly.A super easy-to-use interface, AIDA and PAS template generators, and a Facebook community.Try Now

Who Can Benefit From Using Jarvis?

Jarvis AI Review

Dave Rogenmoser founded Jarvis in Austin, Texas, and soon brought in CTO, John Morgan to help develop the software.

Together, Rogenmoser and Morgan built Jarvis using investment capital and a deep understanding of software development. Their goal is to help all its users create compelling and engaging copy that ensures you convert prospects to customers.

It's safe to say that they've reached this challenging goal since they helped over 25,000 businesses boost conversions. 

Jarvis isn't a tool that'll replace copywriters and content writers. Instead, it works together with writers to generate the best possible results.

After using Jarvis to create copy and defeat writer's block, these are the features that helped me the most.

  1. The AIDA template generator
  2. Blog introduction generator
  3. The Jarvis Facebook group

AIDA is one of the oldest and most effective copywriting formulas. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Fortunately, when signing up for Jarvis, you can access an AI that'll create copy according to this template, and it sounds like a professional copywriter crafted the message.

All you need to do is type in your company name, product description, and preferred tone of voice, and you're good to go. 

Jarvis AI Review
Jarvis creates a copy according to the AIDA formula

Another feature that stood out to me was the blog introduction generator. Again, you only need to enter your company name, product description, and tone of voice, and Jarvis creates a compelling introduction for your article.

It uses the PAS or Problem, Agitate, Solution formula to generate compelling content. It first makes your readers aware of the problem, educates them about the consequences of ignoring this problem, and presents your article as the solution. Using this hook can increase reading time, which improves your SEO score.

The third feature that stood out to me was the Facebook group. With over 30,000 experts ready to help you on your writing journey, you can be sure that they'll answer any questions you have.

Here are some people that can benefit from using Jarvis:

  • Copywriters and content writers
  • Digital marketers
  • Video creators

Copywriters and Content Writers

As a copy or content writer, creative ruts can be annoying and even frustrating. It’ll seem like it's impossible to come up with ideas. But Jarvis helped me overcome my writer’s block. So whenever I'm creatively dry, I'll get Jarvis to create a starting point for me, and I'll adjust and improve the copy from there. 

For example, creating social media ads takes a lot of creative energy. But with Jarvis, I simply head over to the AIDA template, and within seconds, the software generates a few examples of compelling copy.

AIDA Framework
Jarvis helped me overcome my writer’s block

This example isn’t perfect; however, it's a good starting point, allowing you to overcome writer's block. From here, I'll add something I like or remove an irrelevant sentence.

Digital Marketers

When writing ads, websites, emails, or landing pages, you must identify a pain point your prospects are struggling with and present your product as the solution to this pain point. With Jarvis, this process is automated and convenient.

I typed in the company name, product description, and tone of voice inside the PAS template. After a few seconds, Jarvis responded with this.

Jarvis AI automation
Jarvis offers helpful templates such as the Facebook headline generator and more

The problem sounds a bit awkward, but it's a practical starting point. From here, I can write something like, “Are you struggling to find a job as a writer because you don't have the right experience?”

Jarvis also assumes a few things. For example, it assumes that we're based out of America and guarantees results within three months. So when using the software, you'll need to use your judgment and replace the irrelevant areas. 

However, the PAS generator isn't the only feature that can help digital marketers. Jarvis offers helpful templates like:

  1. Facebook headline generator
  2. Personalized cold email generator
  3. Photo post caption generator

These templates are sure to help you, whether you're writing Facebook headlines for your ad campaigns, cold emails to potential customers, or captions for your Instagram stories.

Video Creators

Writing a video script can be frustrating if you don't know what angle to take or how to hook your reader. That's why Jarvis is a must-have for anyone creating videos regularly. It provides you with an outline that grabs your readers’ attention. From here, you can tweak the copy so it meets your criteria.

Also, if you're struggling to develop engaging titles, consider using the video title generator in Jarvis. 

Video script generator
Jarvis provides you with an outline that grabs your readers’ attention

My favorite is “My Writing Journey: From Daydreaming to Launching a Career I Love.” You won't even have to tweak this title.

Here are other helpful features that empower the lives of video creators:

  • Video topic ideas
  • Video script outlines
  • YouTube video descriptions
  • Poll questions for your YouTube audience

Now that we've covered who can benefit from using Jarvis let's put it through a set of criteria that determines if it's worth your time and money.

Ease of Use

After using several AI copywriting tools, I can safely say that Jarvis is by far the easiest to use. 

Signing up for an account is super easy. Simply go to Jarvis.ai, select the icon “Get Started,” and once you enter the relevant information, you're good to go. 

After signing up, you'll be greeted by a quick tutorial showing how to navigate the interface. 

To create copy for your business, head over to templates on the top left. For example, let’s say you want to create a product description for a new product you're selling. Click on the product description icon, and Jarvis will ask for basic information like your business name, what your product does, and what tone of voice you'd like to use.

Once you've entered this information, Jarvis creates high-quality product descriptions within seconds. It's as easy as that.

Jarvis AI copywriting function
Jarvis creates high-quality product descriptions within seconds


Most AI copywriting tools I've used in the past are a waste of time and money. They are expensive, and the copy produced rarely makes sense.

However, Jarvis attracted me because the developers of this software are direct-response copywriters and who can teach an AI how to write copy better than a professional copywriter?

After using Jarvis to create different types of copy like introductions, Facebook headlines, email subject lines, and product descriptions, I'll say that Jarvis is the most accurate AI copywriting tool that I've used.

Not every output that Jarvis produces is ideal. However, I'd say around three out of four pieces of text are ready to use. 

Jarvis's PAS generator is super accurate. I especially like this template since it's one of the best to hook readers when writing blog posts. Whenever I use the PAS generator, I'm shocked by how accurate and human-like the sentences sound. For example, look at this introduction that Jarvis produced.

Jarvis's PAS generator
Jarvis's PAS generator is super accurate

It might need a little bit of work, but after a few tweaks, this introduction will grip anyone looking for an AI copywriter. Again, you might need to remove Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco if your company never worked with them. But in this space, you can add companies that you worked with.


A tool that's so accurate and easy to use must be costly; however, Jarvis is more affordable than most AI copywriting tools. It also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee, which gives you peace of mind knowing that if you don't like the software, you can just cancel your subscription and get your money back.

You'll get three options when signing up for Jarvis:

  1. Starter Plan costs $29 per month
  2. Pro Plan costs $109 per month
  3. Boss Mode costs $119 per month

With the Starter Plan, Jarvis can write 20,000 words for you every month. You can also use it with over 25 languages like Spanish, French, and Japanese.

Starter Plan is a practical option if you mainly write short-form content like social media posts, headlines, email subject lines, and blog introductions.

When signing up for the Pro Plan, you can request an unlimited amount of words. This is a better option if you're writing longer content like blog posts, video scripts, and books.

The final plan is Boss Mode. This is mainly for business owners who employ customer support teams, marketing teams, and salespeople. Boss Mode allows you to use Jarvis Command to instruct the AI on precisely what you need.

Although Pro Plan and Boss Mode are quite expensive, the Starter Plan should be sufficient for most writers since it offers features you'll find in the more expensive plans. 

My Favorite Features

Although Jarvis offers one of the best AI tools, it also provides additional features that helped me on my writing journey. These features include:

  • You can save your favorite templates for easy access
  • The Facebook group is super helpful

You Can Save Your Favorite Templates for Easy Access

When creating copy, you'll quickly start using a few templates regularly. For me, these templates are the PAS and AIDA generator. So to save time, Jarvis allows you to save templates as favorites, so it's easy to access.

This allows you to streamline your content production, and you won't have to look for a specific template.

The Facebook Group Is Super Helpful

The Facebook group is an entire community of copywriters, digital marketers, and business owners that use Jarvis, and most are happy to help if you have any questions. They also share helpful writing advice so you can continue improving.

Areas Of Improvement

Jarvis generates accurate and engaging copy for you so you can hook potential customers. However, some areas can improve. Some of these include:

  • The prices are a bit expensive
  • It doesn't carry over your remaining words to the next month

Prices Are Expensive

Although the basic plan is quite affordable, you'll have to pay $109 per month if you want to get access to unlimited words. This is quite expensive, especially if you're on a budget.

I'd like to see Jarvis reduce the cost of its plans, especially the Pro and Boss Mode subscriptions, since those that want unlimited words might not be able to afford the software.

If you’re looking for software that allows you to generate an unlimited amount of words for an affordable price, consider Copy.ai. It only costs $35 per month, and it can translate your content into 25 languages.

Remaining Words Don't Carry Over

If you sign up for the basic plan, you can generate 20,000 words per month. However, let's say you only request 10,000 words this month; the remaining 10,000 won't carry over to the next month.

This can be annoying since you're paying $29 per month and must use those words within a month. I'd like to see Jarvis allow users to carry over the remaining amount of words, so there's no rush to use up all your available words at the end of each month.

If this concerns you, check out our WriteSonic review.

My Testing Criteria

When buying, using, and testing Jarvis, I looked at the following criteria to help me decide if I should recommend it to my fellow writers or not:

  • Useability
  • Content creation
  • Accuracy
  • Flexibility
  • Affordability
  • Additional features

After using the software to create various types of copy, I can safely say that Jarvis meets all the criteria. It's super easy to use, the copy generated sounds like a human wrote it, the software can write different types of copy, and it offers additional features that empower writers.

Why Trust Us?

I've been writing several different types of copy like blog posts, social media ads, and email newsletters over the last few years. When I tested Jarvis, I was shocked at how human-like the outputs sounded. This was a breath of fresh air since I tried several AI copywriting tools before this and most of them were a waste of money.

Jarvis helped me write blog post introductions, landing pages, email subject lines, and compelling cold emails. This streamlines my content creation process and helps defeat writer's block.

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Jarvis AI Review
  • Price
  • Features
  • Accuracy

Jarvis AI Review: The Bottom Line

Jarvis is a new technology that uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to create compelling writing. Although AI copywriting tools aren't essential, it can make your life a thousand times easier because it defeats writer's block and saves a lot of time.

Jarvis is helpful when creating short-form content like product descriptions, email subject lines, and blog post introductions. However, it isn’t a replacement for a writer. Instead, it’s meant to collaborate with writers to create the best work.


  • The interface is super easy to use
  • Jarvis produces human-like content
  • The Facebook group offers practical advice
  • It helps you break through writer's block


  • It's quite expensive
  • It tends to repeat specific outputs
  • You can't carry over words from month to month
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