10 topic ideas for your powerful high school essay

Topic ideas for a powerful high school essay should be interesting enough that you may decide to support or oppose the topic.

Depending on your remit the topics may be curriculum related or may highlight some aspects of modern society.

  1. Sports stars should be positive role models. What is determined as a positive role model? What should happen to sports stars that are not positive role models but they are good at their sport?
  2. Video games are too violent? Is there a cross over between the video games and reality? What can be done to understand the need for playing video games? Are they addictive?
  3. History is an important subject to study in school. Many people think that history is boring as it is all about the past, how can we learn from the past?
  4. A border fence should be constructed between the US and Mexico. Is there a need? If so what are the benefits to both countries? What would happen if there was no border control?
  5. PE should be required of all students throughout high school. Many people see PE as part of the curriculum while others feel that it serves no purpose. Does high school PE set good lifestyles?
  6. All students should be required to perform one year of community service. What are the benefits of taking part in community service and could students neglect their studies?
  7. Schools should block the use of Youtube. This topic is very much about your understanding of the use and benefit of Youtube and its possible applications in education.
  8. Everyone should be vegetarian. What are benefits of vegetarianism? How can this help supply and demand for food? What is the impact on farming?
  9. Students should be held legally responsible for bullying in schools. What is the impact of bullying? Is there another way of making students more responsible for the impact of their behaviour?
  10. People should be fined if they don’t recycle. What are the global issues regarding recycling? Discuss the availability of recycling centres and how this may affect committed recycling.

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